Maple Knoll Farm

Local  Fresh and Chemical Free        

Our Farm

We use intensive soil management and other non-chemical techniques to grow our products in open fields, protected low tunnels, and in minimally heated greenhouses.  With careful scheduling of succesive plantings, we strive to maintain a steady supply of baby lettuce and other salad greens for as much of the year as possible.  Actual current availability lists will be maintained on this site.

Maple Knoll Farm operates year-round to provide a variety of greens for fresh salads or braising as well as other types of produce in season or stored for cold-weather sales.  Operated by David Pinney and Aidan Pinney, the farm is still expanding opportunities to provide local, fresh and chemical-free produce direct to the public, to chefs, and to local markets.  Check back for information on what's available and where or join our email list for the latest updates.